Giovanna D. • Seattle, WA

Cameron understands the art of applying make up...and more importantly, she can execute that knowledge which translates to flawless beauty time and time again.  I mean isn't that the reason one hires a professional make up-artist...for the results!  With Miss Cohen one can count on those results being delivered time and time again, no matter what the occasion.  It is no accident that she shares initials with the iconic Coco Chanel. There must be magic in that double "C" thing.
Love her... Cameron that is, and so will you. 

Tamar K. • Beverly Hills, CA

Cameron did my make-up for my wedding.  She was amazing!  I don't normally wear much make-up and she knew just what to do to make me feel comfortable and yet beautifully done up and picture perfect!  I looked amazing and it was all due to Cameron's mastery.  She also did my mom's make-up, my 2 sisters, aunt, and my mother-in-law.  They all loved their make-up and looked gorgeous!  My mother-in-law still talks about how she has never looked as good as she did on my wedding day.  Cameron is the BEST!  A true master of her trade.  I would recommend her for any event you have!!!

Kimberly G. • Santa Monica, CA

So, I went into Chroma Make Up Studios to get some new eyeshadows and get my eyebrows shaped. I made an appointment with a girl named Cameron Cohen. Having been a model in New York and working with alot of make up artists in the industry over the years I have to say Cameron was "incredible". She picked out four new eyeshadows and taught me how to use them on my eyes correctly. After twenty years I finally now know how to do my make up like a professional. She can paint a face flawlessly and taught me how to make my eyes look incredible. Not to mention my eyebrows look "amazing!" If you want a flawless face go to Cameron hands down!!! You will not be disappointed!!  I look forward to going back and having her do smoky eyes on me. Thank you Cameron!!!!! (As seen on www.yelp.com)

Alexandra S. • Studio City, CA

Choosing a make-up artist for your special day is the most important choice you make, next to the person you're marrying, of course!  Cameron is your absolute best choice.  She is so extremely talented, warm, creative and fun!  She makes the entire experience so enjoyable.  Cameron has a calming spirit that transforms that stressful feeling of your wedding day into pure beauty and serenity.  Not only did my make-up look stunning in person, it was perfect in every picture and looked the same at the end of the night as it did at the beginning of the day.

Brittany B. • West Hollywood, CA

I'm so glad I found a convenient place to get my brows done! I'm one of those who goes for brows pretty sporadically but when I do go I want tweezing only and a nice clean up. I keep my brows a little thicker. I mean I'm no Brooke Shields but I hate when they make my brows too thin-and there is no worry of this at Chroma!
Cameron did a great job and was even nice enough to squeeze me in just before closing! I have no bumps or redness, just a clean brow line. And while your at it, you might as well grab a cupcake at Sprinkles, right down the street. (As seen on www.yelp.com)

Eli M. • New York, NY

Cameron...she is great!  I have always gone to her for beauty secrets.  As a male, I have always appreciated the way that she can manicure my  eye brows without making me look like I'm from the Jersey Shore.

Sarah E. • Brentwood, CA

I love having Cameron do my make-up.  She not only does a fantastic job but she also takes the time to show me how to get the same look myself or at least I can try!  She makes suggestions on the best products to buy as well.  Added bonus - she is great at brows so if she comes to you to do your make-up she can take care of your brows at the same time.  The products she uses are fabulous.  Cameron is my go to person for when I need a make-up application whether it is an event, work function or just for fun, I call Cameron.

Perri M. • Hollywood, CA

I LOOOOVEE Chroma. Ive been going here for years, and everyone is great. I recently got an appointment with the newest addition to the Chroma staff, Cameron. She was so kind, and easy to be around, she really made me feel comfortable in her chair and I immediately trusted her.  She did a great job on my brows, i later went back to her to get my make up done and she did a great job on that too ! I would DEFINITELY suggest checking this place, and her out ! (As seen on www.yelp.com)

Lizzie C. • Washington, DC

I was in LA last month for a quick trip and was lucky enough to make it to Chroma for some makeup and brows. Cameron helped me and was so nice and helpful. She did a wonderful jobs on my brows and I loved the makeup I bought with her-- she took the time to make sure I got what I wanted and knew how to apply it. I would definitely suggest Chroma and Cameron!! (As seen on www.yelp.com)

Bird M. • Los Angeles, CA

Cameron is the best for eyebrows. (As seen on www.yelp.com)

Jackie M. • Hollywood, CA

From the moment you sit in Cameron's chair you feel special.  She is so warm and engaging, not to mention talented.  Cameron has shaped my brows to perfection and she is an artist with make-up application.  She has taught me so many tricks in applying my own make-up and I always feel taken care.  Thank you Cameron!

Gina A. • Santa Monica, CA

I recently went to Chroma Makeup Studio to get my eye brows and makeup done for an event.  I was lucky enough to work with Cameron Cohen, who by far has done the best job!!  She knew exactly how to put my whole look together and was so open and honest which made me feel so comfortable with her. My makeup and eye brows were perfect!  I felt so good about myself when I left and was ready to take on the event.  Not only did Cameron take my vision and put it to life, but stunned me with her attention to detail.  I will definitely be going back to work with Cameron!

Rachel W. • Los Angeles, CA

Cameron is the best for eyebrows.  (As seen on www.yelp.com)

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