Philosophy : Make-up is an implement used to bring the inner you to the surface and share it with the world around you.

           Cameron Cohen is currently a make-up artist and brow stylist at Chroma Make-up Studio in Beverly Hills.  Cameron honed in on her creative skills while studying art with an emphasis in painting at the University of California in Santa Barbara.  She quickly traded her oil and acrylic paints for make-up and new brushes which was a natural transition.  
                She has worked with other make-up lines such as Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and T. Le Clerc Cosmetics.  Cameron, in the past, has worked in television and done the make-up of Miley Cyrus, Robin Williams, Hayden Panettiere, Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Bynes.   In addition to working with women to create their everyday and evening looks, she just loves wedding make-up applications.  Cameron states that, "There is nothing better than being an important part of someone's most memorable day and making them feel and look fabulous."
                Cameron Cohen was recently asked to assist in writing The Look Book : 50 iconic beauties and how to achieve their signature styles with Erika Stalder, author of Fashion 101 : A Crash Course in Clothing as well as three other teen books.  Cameron jumped at the opportunity to participate in creating a tool that helps teens strengthen their self-esteem and recognize their own beauty.  This book is now available, just click on the link below!